“AK-Steps2Success” offers sales training and consulting services, particularly focusing on luxury retail. By partnering with them, businesses can potentially unlock their full potential for growth and success. This implies that AK-Steps2Success provides tailored strategies and guidance to help businesses and their employees maximize sales performance and capitalize on opportunities within the luxury retail sector.


 Features developed for AK-Steps2Success website:


  • Multiple Languages: Option for users to select their preferred language from a dropdown menu.


  • Training Programs: page showcasing various training programs offered by AK-Steps2Success with detailed descriptions of each program, including objectives, content, and duration.


  • Book Consultation: The button is prominently featured both on the homepage and across the website’s footer, allowing visitors to enter their contact details along with their preferred consultation date and time.


  • About Us: Comprehensive page providing background information on AK-Steps2Success, highlighting expertise and experience in sales training and luxury retail..


  • Contact Us: Contact information displayed prominently in the header or footer of every page. And a calender is provided for visitors to book their free consultation directly.